Pure frustration when installing Neo4J desktop on Windows

I am trying to install Neo4J, but cannot get the database started, it seems to install but I am not sure. I dont work with Java at all and cannot find the issue on the install failing. When trying to star the graph it opens a window saying
conflicts occured
Database Movie Database can not be started due to conflicts with external processes.
To fix the problem, let us change these ports configurations
Bolt: 7687 -> 11005
http: 7474 -> 11006

Select fix configuration but nothing happens,
Also after the window closes it says refer to the Logs but I cannot find anything in the logs infact it doesn't make sense where the logs are.

is there anywhere that i can find out why the install does not work properly.

Terence James

Look for 3 dots or any menu button, or a settings button.

From Neo4j Desktop you can easily access to the settings and change the bold and http from there. It's the second section in the configuration file.

It seems to be your main problem.

it might help if you can tell us the OS and version.

Also... if you can get to the command line and run so we can see what version of Java you have running (note that it's just one dash):

java -version

(I'm not sure how to do this on Windows...)

This looks and sounds very familiar. I got this error too multiple times before, typically after updating Neo4j browser if my memory servers right. Yes, this was frustrating as hell. I'm on windows.

I think the way I solved this was by uninstalling and reinstalling Neo4j in my PC (I backed up my database with the neo4j-admin tool). My experience learning Neo4j was quite frustrating as well and looking back I wished I had asked more questions on this forum. There was no need to suffer alone.

Could it be because you don't have admin rights on the windows system? I had this problem while installing but got around it by installing the Neo4J Desktop only for myself, i.e., I did not select 'install for all users' (or something similar) when running the install process. This is same as installing without admin rights.

The only problem is if there is an update to the Neo4J, we can not install it because the update seems to require admin rights.

I have resolved this issue, on windows 10 make sure that your powershell is on version 5 and not version less, this was causing the issue of it not installing correctly.

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I had the same problem. Changing the ports work for me.

Bolt: 7687 -> 11005
http: 7474 -> 11006