Providing the javascript bolt driver with all ip addresses of the Causal cluster

The link I reference below is for the Python driver, and I am hoping to find the same solution for the javascript bolt driver.

I want to be able to supply the client with not just one Neo4j IP address, but all the Neo4j IP addresses. The reason is that, if the one server with the IP address I provide happens to be offline, it has no chance of directing the connection to another server on its table of cluster members.

I hope I am thinking about this in the wrong way.

In the link below is a Python class that upon initiation you can pass in a parameter to supply multiple IP addresses when you initiate connection. That class is called ConfigCustomResolverExample.

Is there such a solution for the Bolt Javascript driver? Is there a higher level in dev-ops to handle this? In case it's useful, we are on Amazon Web Services.