Production Neptune - dev neo4j

I need to integrate a graph database in my existing setup and due to compliance restrictions I have to stick with Neptune. The development is painful since I have a ruby backend that does not provide much support for gremlin. Neptune does not support cypher for production at this point.

So I need a development setup and I was hoping for a local installation of neo4j. It looks though like gremlin is not really supported in neo4j. All the info I got was pointing to cypher.

Any ideas on how to get neo4j working with gremlin so that I can use it for local development?

Neo4j used to have a Tinkerpop implementation you can find here, but it's now out of date and does not work with modern implementations of Neo4j (4.0+) - so there isn't much option available for this now unfortunately. There is a feature request in for updated support, but the repo may need a new maintainer to step up.