Problems executing administration oriented cypher queries

I am building a java based app that collaborates with a Neo4j 3.5.14 database. It is working fine.

However i now need to enhance the app to allow the app to programmatically start/stop the database and allow new databases to be created. Section 5.1 of the cypher manual provides clear instructions how to do this with cypher. It specifically mentions that these commands are executed against the 'system' database. However i cannot find how to connect to the system database. I am using Neo4j desktop (1.2.9) and Neo4j Database Community edition (3.5.14)

Any pointers are most gratefully accepted

cheers rod

The docs you are looking at are for Neo4j 4.0 (or actually 4.1, as this was just released) and are not applicable for 3.5, which doesn't have multi-database functionality or the system db.

You can switch to the 3.5 version of the docs, there should be a dropdown that lets you switch from the current to a different minor version. Alternately you can replace the "current" in the url with "3.5".

As to your original question, 3.5 does not have the capability of programmatically stopping and starting the db.

Also, even in 4.0 (or 4.1), Community edition only has the neo4j database and system, so your options there may be limited too.