Problem when import database mssql to neo4j desktop


i try to create connection mssql using Neo4j ETL Tools

but, when i enter the information needed, it throw error message
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AbstractMethodError:;
at org.neo4j.etl.rdbms.Support.successMessage(
at org.neo4j.etl.rdbms.Support.testConnection(
at org.neo4j.etl.rdbms.Support.main(

can someone assist me as i'm new to the neo4j

Hi @azhar3001 can you please try with the last MSSql driver revision?
You can download it from here

Thanks, I have try the latest ms sql and the error is dissappear..

but, when i click mapping button, it proceed but non-stop...
what is the problem?

Can you share the name of the jar that you used?