Problem reading in ttl or ntriples data and perform sparsql

I have spend lots of time trying to load in a public avaliable dataset called permid and try to perform sparsql on it (in ttl or ntriples format)

I tried mongodb, jena, mysql or even python libraries but no luck. (most of those have tutorial but it doesn't work).

I wonder if neo4js can read in some ttl or ntuples data and display a graph plus be able to sparsql on it, I hope I pick the right tool first.

Many thanks in advance.​

Do you have a URL to this data?

Of course, yes

There are many ntriple files there, if a few works, the others should work.

在 2020年12月8日週二 上午12:37,Clem via Neo4j Online Community <> 寫道:

Do you have some sample files? I don't want to have to register (and get spammed) just to download some samples....

Yes, I downloaded the data and put it under
Index of /neo4j/ (

The ttl and ntuples contain same data but different format.


在 2020年12月8日週二 上午2:49,Clem via Neo4j Online Community <> 寫道:

may be I retype the link

raymond pui <> 於 2020年12月8日 週二 上午9:36寫道:

Dear Clem,

Can you access the data?
Have you left?

raymond pui <> 於 2020年12月8日 週二 上午9:39寫道:

Sorry, I got busy with other things. I'll look at this when I get a chance.

It is ok,
hopefully I can get hold of the right tool.

Clem via Neo4j Online Community <> 於 2020年12月10日 週四 上午1:40寫道:

Hi Clem,

Sometime ago, you said you will give a short demo.
Now I manage to store ntriple data onto Jena, and the ques is whether can use neo4j to form graph from Jena.
I google around, some said yes, some said it is a wrong concept??? if you know, can you explain a bit.

Clem via Neo4j Online Community <> 於 2020年12月8日 週二 上午12:37寫道: