Problem importing Long values from CSV

my neo4j-admin import command fails with the following error:

Value 2763940827 is too big to be represented as int

What's the limit on int values? How can I import large values the one above?

The correct data type should be 'bigint'.

that didn't work
unexpected error: Unable to parse header

here's what I tried:
modified my csv header file to
id, dollar_amount:bigint
bin/neo4j-admin import
from neo4j-community-3.5.4

You cannot add the data type in the header file. Revert the csv headers back to it's original. If this is dollar amount , in your LOAD CSV script use toFloat to convert into a floating point and this should work.

RETURN toFloat(2763940827) as Amt;
Returns: 2763940827.0

According to this tutorial, I can. I'm doing it for other fields (with lower values) and it works.

I've tried changing my header to
id, dollar_amount:float
and the import succeeded. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

I still would prefer to store it as bigint/long though so if anyone knows a way I'd appreciate any input here.

Have you tried the type long? long is a valid type in neo4j.
int is 32-bit, long is 64-bit.