Prerequisites to Cypher tutorial

I want to work through the tutorial at

which is an introduction to Cypher
At one point in the tutorial it says to do this
CREATE (p:Person)-[:LIKES]->(t:Technology)

I have the Neo4J Desktop installed, which comes with one project called Neo4j Primer Project, which has a Movie Database which I can start. Should I use this database for the above tutorial or should I create another one? The tutorial, which purports to be for beginners, never says if I need to create a new database or not.
Sorry if this is too newbie for Newbie Questions, but I am really lost. What steps do I need to take before doing this tutorial?

Some of the later query examples work on the movies graph, so using the movies graph for the earlier examples seems okay, there's only a couple of those anyway.

OK, but to do things like creating new graphs, which some of the tutorials do - should I create a new database for each graph?

I'm just getting started myself, just a little bit ahead, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

I would say yeah, use the command to generate a new database at the beginning of each tutorial. It'll help you ensure that if you correctly formulated the Cypher, you'll get the exact answer as the solution.

Best of luck!