Premkumar Masilamani @ Helix RE

Hi All - I am Prem, working in a startup focussed on building a product for real estate managers to effectively manage their assets. We are based on San Mateo (a couple of blocks away from Neo4J :) ).

We are building a product that uses Neo4J, hoping to make it available in production in the next quarter. Excited to be in the graph world !!!.

We are here to learn and help others in any ways we could.



Exciting stuff ! Welcome to the forum Prem ! Be sure to visit the Neo4j office, I hear (never been myself) they regularly have carrot cake ... :slight_smile:

Hi Prem!
Thanks for joining the community!

Do you know when they have carrot cakes?. I will make it look like a coincidence :slight_smile:

Thanks, @tom.geudens and @neo4j_devrel

Sure ... every time Emil Eifrem (our CEO) spends time in San Mateo. You'll have to be fast though ... I'm told that when Emil spots carrot cakes ... there's no getting between him and the cake, he loves them.

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