Pratik Khanolkar, Software Engineer at Atos

Hi All,

While searching for a database to store information about relationships between similar data our team came across Neo4j Database. Right now we are trying to integrate this database with out system. My work is to keep maintain the sync between two different database namely sql and neo4j.
I'm working at Atos in Navi Mumbai, India for last 2 years.
I wanted to create Graphs while studying Graph Theory in Engineering. Since I was not well versed with database, understanding Neo4j was a bit difficult at that time. I was lucky to find that neo4j still exists and join it's community was a great pleasure.
Watching it flourish with more members and eagerly waiting to use Graph Database to solve Real Life Problems.
At the moment I am thinking to use neo4j to define File System in OS(Faster Search), Music Classification(Finding a particular music according to Mood, Playlist, Year, Artist etc) and Organizing of the Files.

Expectation from Community:

  • Create an interface to maintain and achieve Multiple Neo4j Database for Multi-Tenant Applications.
  • Have more Use-Case and Dummy Big Data to play around.

You can find me on Github,Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin


Welcome to the forum Pratik !

That's the first introduction where I read clearly stated expectations. Love it ! Point one is definitely on the agenda, you'll see the beginnings of that in the upcoming 3.5.x releases and it'll grow from there. Second point ... I can ask around.


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Did you check out Neo4j GraphGists - graphgists for use-cases?
Multi-tenancy is on the roadmap, so far folks have been using labels to separate tenants.

For big data there are a number of data sets we've been working with, from bitcoin, airbnb and yelp to stackoverflow,


Congrats for beginning of "Multi-tenancy". Now I am eagerly waiting for 3.5.x releases and thanks a lot for infroming beforehand regarding this feature...cause I am already working on that.

As of now I have created multiple copies of neo4j with different port and managing the databases for n-clients.

Yes I checked. Nice to see all the use-cases and their implementation as well.

Right now I am managing Multi-tenancy by creating a php script where the user pre-defines the ports and a seperate copy of neo4j is created for that user. So far I have created batch file to handle all multiple neo4j databases.