Possible to Add APOC to Running Neo4j Installed as a GKE App?

I've been using a Neo4j Causal Cluster on GKE without APOC, but now have a need to add the library.

Is this possible without reverting to a manual Helm-based install, or rolling my own causal-cluster image (which I'd rather avoid, if possible)?

If so, I'd very much appreciate some advice as to the best way to handle this requirement.

Afaik the neo4j docker image recently got the ability to add custom plugins.

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As far as I can tell, it seems that the most recent version published to the GCR container registry is 3.5.

Is there a timeline around when 4.0 will be added to the list of available images?

If I'm reading that code correctly, using 4.0 I'll be able to specify the ENV var NEO4JLABS_PLUGINS: apoc and the image will install said plugin when it spins up. Does that scan?

Also, barring the use of this 4.0 feature in the short term, are you aware of any other potentially helpful resources outside of this thread?

I'm considering just rolling my own image w/ plugins, per the advice in that thread, placing it in GCR, then applying a new config to the StatefulSet containing the updated image address. Do you see any issues w/ this strategy?