Port(s), destination url and protocol used when update or upgrade of new version of neo4j

My customer ask me for security reason ( for his firewall configuration), the port, the protocol and the destination ip (or range ip) when a neo4j update or upgrade needs to be done. Does someone knows this information ?

In general, these are the standard ports:

  • TCP 7687 (bolt protocol)
  • TCP 7473 (HTTPS)
  • TCP 7474 (HTTP)

If running in clustered configuration, you must also unblock ports 5000, 6000, and 7000 for cluster communication, all TCP. These ports should under no circumstances be exposed to the internet.


  • TCP 6362 (backup -- should not be exposed to public interfaces)

All of these ports can be changed in neo4j's config, so these are just the defaults I'm giving you.

Thanks David, I’m not sure that the ports that you mention are used for update or upgrade new version of Neo4j Desktop. Am I right ?

The ports I provided are what the Neo4j database needs to run.

Neo4j Desktop is a different thing entirely - you can run Neo4j within it, but Neo4j desktop also fetches many things from the web that it needs to download.

Perhaps you can explain exactly what you're trying to do and what the result is? Then we can figure out what's needed.

The IT security of my customer block the Neo4j desktop updates with his firewall (no updates are possible), he will allow to make the updates only if I can provide the ports, protocol and destination ip (range) address used. Hope it will help ?