Plz direct me to where I can learn about limits of Community version

Hi. I'd be grateful if someone could direct me to information describing the limits of the Community version (Desktop and Server). I'm a newbie who's specifically interested in experimenting with using neo4j to present genealogy data. I would like to be able to have others on the internet query and create graphs of trees, etc. Can this be done with community version? If so, would I install the Community Server on my space on my web service provider, for example?



Here are the differences between community and enterprise:

In Neo4j Desktop, you'll always get Enterprise locally. But you can absolutely set up community to query the kind of data that you have. It's licensed under a permissive open source license, and so it is absolutely OK to set it up on your web service provider, that's 100% what it's for! That being said, please have a look at the differences -- enterprise may have features that you'd like to have.

Neo4j Community is licensed under the GPLv3