Please help me!

I executed this query which creates relationship Person and Merchant transaction status.
Query - Screenshot by Lightshot

But in the output Person name is not coming inside the nodes.? It should show name but its blank.
Output- Screenshot by Lightshot

Sample dataset - graphgists/Credit_Card_Fraud_Detection.adoc at master · neo4j-examples/graphgists · GitHub

Thank you

Hi @rdp4099,

Kindly create like below
Create(p1:Persona{name:'Paul'}) -[:HAS_Bought_AT{amount:'986', time:'4/17/2014', status:'Undisputed'}]->(P1:Product{name:'Just_Brew_it'})

And with best practice try to create node first and then relationship.
Create(p1:Persona{name:'Paul'}) Create (P1:Product{name:'Just_Brew_it'}) Create (p1) -[:HAS_Bought_AT{amount:'986', time:'4/17/2014', status:'Undisputed'}]->(P1)

Can you check a couple things? Were your nodes still defined when you ran the query, for example (Paul)? Also, are you not seeing the Person node names in the Neo4j Browser? Have you checked to see if it's available in Caption option of the node in the Browswer?