Please bring back the old neo4j logo

I don't know how many agree with me and if its an easy thing to do or not but please consider changing back to the old logo. This just looks like a share button with neo4j text. Maybe the old logo and this font would look good. The old logo was relatable to graphs or "connected world" or "nodes connected", etc.

I never liked the old logo. It served a purpose and now they have changed it.
I think we should just let it die.

I have not seen a large version of the new logo to say if I like it.
I do like the Neo4j Aura Logo.

I will forever see a share button now.....:frowning:

I wonder if that's intentional? Like "share neo4j" as the subliminal message.

I'm ok with it with neo4j spelled out. The auth popup with the symbol and just the n looks forgettable. I hope they didn't pay very much for that rebrand.

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