:play localhost content not work for normal user

Dear Neo4j expert,

I configure local Neo4j Browser Guides server as of GitHub - neo4j-contrib/neo4j-guides: Tooling to create Neo4j Browser Guides from AsciiDoc Content
By following the configuration step of:

  1. Change neo4j.conf file. Add some more lines

Bolt connector


  1. Deploy local http server using python
    python http-server.py &

  2. Then in found that the browser can open Neo4j Browser Guide using
    :play http://localhost:8080/html/risk_intro.html

However, when I login to Browser using normal user (e.g. user with editor or architecture role), it return error of "Error: Hostname is not allowed according to server whitelist"

As of bellowing screen shoot, I can successfully play my content using neo4j user (admin role) but failed to run the same :play command using user with architecture role.
Please help to solve it.