:play intro-neo4j-exercises "Not found"

I receive "Not found" when trying to start the :play intro-neo4j-exercises.


try :play write-code

That'll start you up on the starter code

But you can't find the exercises from there, only Movie Graph and Northwind Graph examples, or?

Ah ha, sorry I understand what you're after. Does Neo4j Browser have an active internet connection/can connect when you try to run that command?

Hi and thanks,

The problem is on my side, because it works fine in the sandbox environment. I'll try to figure it out.



In Neo4j Desktop, click the settings icon in the left panel. Make sure that you are not in offline mode.



I’m/we are running an enterprise version with the neo4j server hosted on Amazon AWS. I like to play around and go through the exercises so I have added a local graph for my own trial
and error. Can it be so that the local graph is not connected to Internet?



Being able to play a browser guide has nothing to do with where the database is running. It has to do with whether the Neo4j Browser app that you are running has a connection to the Internet.