Pipeline null error when trying to use Graphware

I'm using David Allen's article here to get the NLP plugin through graphware
up and running locally. Neo4j: Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Cypher | by David Allen | Neo4j Developer Blog | Medium

Failed to invoke procedure ga.nlp.annotate: Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: No pipeline null

Error message

Showing that I do have a pipeline

Plugins and DB version

Config file does include the following


I've seen a lot of people in the community have some heap space issues, but I've changed the query to just try and run with 1 tweet with no luck. I changed the default assumption to a tweet to be that it is English and that didn't work. Could definitely be a beginner issue where I'm not routed to the pipeline correctly.

I definitely do have a pipeline and got a success response when I applied the default pipeline.
CALL ga.nlp.processor.pipeline.default("customStopWords")

Thanks for any help!

Can you try setting the pipeline in the annotate procedure like this:

MATCH (t:Tweet {language: "en"})
CALL ga.nlp.annotate({
     text: t.text, 
     id: id(t), 
     pipeline : "customStopWords"
}) YIELD result
RETURN count(result)

Even if I would also have expected it to use the default pipeline if set.

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This worked. Thanks!!
So evidently the setting of a default pipeline isn't working.