PhD Student in automotive sector

Hey there,

I am a Phd Student from France specialized in SUpply Chain management and production planning. I work with an automotive manufacturer and everything was going as planned until I discovered Graphdatabases BY ACCIDENT :smile:
I am not an IT guy, I am on business side but have been always passionate with programming. I don't have strong technical background but willing strongly to learn so I might annoy you sometime with some stupid questions :sweat_smile:
So if anyone have some idea on the use of graphs on constrained Bills of materials it would be just perfect :smiley:

Hello, first of all it's really bad to have an accident when working in the automotive sector ;)

Nice to e-meet you and welcome to the graph !
Please feel free to join the french page of the group if you want use the french language

Looking forward to talk with you.

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I'm new to the forum, but have the same interest in using neo4j in manufacturing and supply chain. I'd loe to get my hands on some examples.