Petra Selmer - Query Languages Standards & Research @ Neo4j

Hi everyone

I first came across graph databases and graph querying when doing my PhD, in which I researched flexible complex querying methods for graph-structured data.

I've been at Neo4j since 2014, initially as an engineer working on Cypher, and more recently as a member of the Query Languages Standards & Research team.

Our team works on identifying, designing and specifying new graph query features, and we are involved with graph query languages standards, encompassing openCypher, GQL and SQL Property Graph Querying. We also liaise and collaborate with academics in this area; most recently, this involved specifying the formal semantics of Cypher with the research group headed up by Prof. Leonid Libkin at the University of Edinburgh.

Previously, I worked as an engineer and data architect in a wide variety of industry sectors. I also spent some time in academia and healthcare research, developing, among other applications, a rule-based data validation engine for clinical audits and trials.

If you would like to raise any questions or ideas about query languages in general, and Cypher and GQL in particular, please post these in the GQL and openCypher category. Also, please contact me if you are a researcher in the area of graph data and graph querying: I would love to hear from you!

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The things one learns about one's own colleagues (Tom just fell off his chair in sheer awe) here. Welcome to the forum Petra !

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