Performance problems with Personalized PageRank

So I want to compute the Personalized PageRank of my nodes. The normal PageRank runs in ~1s or so. My query for PPR runs a few minutes (when i terminate it)

My Code:

match (n:Nutzer {mainAutor: True})
Call gds.pageRank.write({
  nodeProjection: "Nutzer",
  relationshipProjection: "ANTWORTETE_AUF",
  relationshipProperties: "anzahlTweets",
  relationshipWeightProperty: "anzahlTweets",
  writeProperty: "PageRankAntworten",
  sourceNodes: [n]
YIELD  nodePropertiesWritten
RETURN  nodePropertiesWritten

I'm using Neo4j 4.3.3 with GDS Library 1.6.4.

can you please create a GH issue in