Parquet files

Is Neo 4j supports parquet files,zip ,.tarz files? Can we import these files to Neo 4j?

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In the neo4j apoc import docs you can find all supported file formats apart from LOAD CSV. (
In the LOAD CSV description you can find supported compression methods for CSV files
(LOAD CSV - Cypher Manual)

To answer your question on parquet; I cannot find any function that supports the format, so I believe it isn't supported. You will have to convert the parquet data to CSV or JSON.
For compressed files you are limited concerning the compressed file format. From what I understand you can provide LOAD CSV or the APOC function with compressed files limited to gzip and deflate for remote files and ZIP for local files.

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This should be a feature request.

In principle, this shouldn't be too hard to do, as there exist Java Parquet libraries, so it's just a question of gluing them together the Java-Neo4J API's:


If you are ok with using a python client then you can use this utility to ingest parquet files into neo4j.