openCypher 1.0.0-M17

Hello community!

We are pleased to announce the next milestone release, 1.0.0-M17, of openCypher, which includes the following:

  • Support for Scala cross building for 2.12 and 2.13
  • TCK:
    • New scenarios in clauses/with-orderBy
    • New scenarios in clauses/call/Call5
    • New scenarios for creating multiple nodes with overlapping label sets in clauses/create
    • New scenarios in expressions/pattern
    • New scenarios in expressions/existentialSubquery
    • New scenarios in expressions/quantifier
    • New scenarios in expressions/boolean
    • Fixing missing result order in a number of scenarios
    • Fixing wrong result expectation of scenario expressions/boolean/Boolean5.[6]
    • Fixing type expectation scenarios in expressions/typeConversion scenarios
    • Fixing type expectation scenarios in expressions/list/List1
  • TCK tooling:
    • Scenario testing failure get automatically assigned the tag @NegativeTest by the TCK API for easy discovery
    • TCK error characteristics now allow wildcards
    • TCK API now retain causing exception when something fails during side effect measurement queries
    • New TCK step for creating CSV files
  • Grammar
    • Fixing YIELD grammar
  • Grammar tooling
    • tool grammarLink.html in tools/grammar-production-links, which provides the possibility to stably link a production by name in the openCypher grammar files without hard-coding the line number.

You will find download links to the artifacts from our webpage at Resources ยท openCypher.

If you are using Maven for dependency management, the TCK and grammar also exist as modules on Maven Central, including the TCK API and other tools.

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us with any problems you face with the published artifacts, or questions you might have. Bug reports are preferably served as issues on the GitHub repository.