Open multiple browser windows in Neo4j Desktop

Why is Neo4j Desktop limited to opening only one browser window? While I usually work on my test graph, there are often moments when I just want to check, change or roll out something in our live graph, but I don't want to lose my query history, so I don't like to close and change. I also don't understand the "Enable"/"Disable" logic for remote graph servers because they are always active and I just want to connect to them and query. The button "Deactivate" doesn't deactivate the database either (thank God!), it only disconnects the connection. So it's kind of weird.

Thanks much for the feedback. Passing this on to the team.

cc: @abk

You can launch additional browser windows in your web-browser on localhost:7474

Yes Michael, that's my usual workaround, but the web browser doesn't support batch cypher commands, which we use very often. It also crashes frequently (on my windows/chrome) so query history and - much worse - the actual query I'm working on will be lost on a regular basis. I've even gotten into the habit of copying the Cypher I'm developing every time before it runs, so it doesn't get lost accidentially.

I usually do that anyway and build up script files.
I often also just use cypher-shell instead of the browser esp. if I don't need the visualization.

But I didn't see the instabilities you're seeing, I mostly use Chrome.
It should support batch-commands in newer Neo4j versions, which also come with new browser versions.

If a database is running in Neo4j Desktop, it'd be nice if the neo4j-browser.jar that it uses is the same browser used by Desktop to eliminate the inconsistencies between the two. This problem has also been discovered by @elaine_rosenber as she's been building new online courses.

On instabilities, @Reiner may wish to look if there are any plugins active in Chrome. Neo4j Desktop uses Electron which does use an embedded Chrome browser. So, they should be very similar, though versions might be slightly different.