Ontology class mapping to Neo4j Database

Hi Everyone,
I have created an Ontology without any individuals and I want to map this Semantic relationship with my already available Neo4j Database.
Please guide me.


How about neosemantics (n10s).

Hi Koji,
Thanks for your response.
Actually I was looking at Neosemantics, but as far as I know, this plugin can help us create the Graph database based on the "Individuals" created along with Relationships in RDF/TTL file - which is nothing but the data.
So , this plugin can help us when we have Data defined in RDF itself.
But in my case, I have Ontology RDF file created(without any individuals) for certain Domain and I want to map those relationships with the database available in Neo4j.

Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

Hello @vikash.kumar3,

Were you able to accomplish what you were trying to do? If yes, would you be able to help outline what you did?

I'm in a similar situation: I want to use an ontology as the model for a neo4j database housing the instances/individuals.

Any leads (or even partial solutions) will likewise be greatly appreciated.