Onofrio Panzarino, Programmer

Hi all! I am Onofrio Panzarino, software development manager at Wolters Kluwer Italy and passionate developer with graphs, machine learning with python and, during free time, Arduino hacking.

I met graphs in 2004, during my graduation (that time SPARQL, Sesame and RDF). Years after I used Neo4j in several projects in Java. In 2012 i fall in love with Cypher for its simplicity and power so I wrote a book (Learning Cypher) and several articles in Italian.
I believe that graph databases can solve a lot of problems in representing complicated domains and search.


Welcome to the forum Onofrio. Are you an acquaintance of Paul Hermans by any chance (Wolters Kluwer, SPARQL and RDF gives a high chance for a match there) ?


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Thank you Tom
We have some mutual acquaintances but we never met.


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