Online-training/data-science is broken

The citations database is not available in Step 1, and the collab notebook in Step 3 shows lots of errors and warnings on the first pip install.

Do you have any suggestions?


Step 1: Create the Citations Sandbox

  1. Create a Citations Sandbox.
  2. Select Launch Sandbox button and then wait for it to start.

The Sandbox has a Neo4j database with a pre-loaded Citations dataset.

Note: You must create the Citations Sandbox with the above link and you must be signed in to the sandbox site. You cannot create it from the public Neo4j Sandbox site.:

Step 3: Open a Jupyter Notebook in Google Colaboratory and connect to the Citations database

In this course you will use Jupyter Notebook hosted on the Google Colaboratory environment.
All the notebooks in this course require a connection to your Neo4j Sandbox instance, so you will test that now.

Launch the notebook by clicking below. This will open a tab for the Jupyter Notebook where you will set it up to connect to the Neo4j Sandbox.Launch Notebook!

Hi Daniel, I have just successfully run again this data science online training.
In order to launch the Citations sanbox you first need to create an account on the sandbox site: Neo4j Sandbox | Online Graph Database – No Download Required.
Once signed in, you will see the list of available sandboxes and you can launch the Citations.
The key tab is "Details" where you find all the parameters to connect the Notebook to the sandbox.

Regarding the pip install errors in the first Notebook (00_Environment.ipynb), as it is stated in the note
right after the first cell "If you see warnings or errors when you run this command, re-run the command. It should run with no errors.". So if you have run into pip install errors, give it a second run and it should be fine.


I have created a account as instructed but still citations sandbox is still not visible to me in the list.

What is important here is that you create the citations sandbox from the link that is given in the course. It is different from the citations sandbox at our normal sandbox site (


Hi - I am also facing the same problem. I am logged into sandbox site. Also have a sandbox running for Panama papers. When I clink on the citations sandbox link in the data science online training course , it just opens up a page for the same (sandbox site) , asks me to log in again .. when I do , it doesn't show any option for the "Citations" sandbox . ...

Wondering if there is a script available that I could use to create the citations data in blank sandbox


Hello Atosh,

We have migrated over to the new sandbox site and have just updated the course.

It should now direct you to where there is a Citations sandbox that you can create.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Hi Elaine . - Really appreciate the quick response and absolutely no reason for apologies :slight_smile:

Since I registered for the course first tine yesterday , I was always transferred to the new location as indicated by you. I also checked the link shared by you. Unfortunately , I couldn't find the "Citation Graph " listed there ... Hope there was no change in the name of the model ..just wondering .

Btw . - I moved on to the next online course - The Applied Graph Algos ... This course needs the "Yelp " Data model. Unfortunately this model too seems to be missing . ... Please take a look

Thanks again and really appreciate the support at this community. One of the best ..


Attaching screenshots if this helps ..

Try this link:


Worked perfect . .. Thanks a ton