Online Neo4j Admin quiz question 5.2

I went through the online training, except having trouble on only one question in Admin online training (Security 5.2). I thought the answer should be all of the answers . However, it did not went through. My understanding is that it requires SSL policy, the bolt is needed to set tls_level, restrict http, and enable https with cipher. Hope to find help here. Thanks in advance.

Here is the question:

Suppose that you want to ensure that all data in or out of a Neo4j instance is secure (data-in-transit). What must you configure?

Select the correct answers.

  • SSL policy
  • Enable bolt to use TLS
  • Restrict HTTP port
  • Require HTTPS for Neo4j Browser

Hello Poon,

You are absolutely correct. The correct answer is all four choices.

Please try the quiz again. I just tried it and it is working as expected.


Thank Elaine. It works this time. So, I completed the course.