One ETL Tool bug, one feature request

I'm going through the ETL Tool and there are two issues I am encountering at the "Explore and change your metadata" step.

First: If I search by entity name so that only a subset of entities is shown, the Action button pulls up information on the wrong entity. The Action button works as expected assuming every entity remains in place (i.e. Search by entity name field is blank). Oddly, this bug does not appear to affect the skip select element.

Second: not a bug but a feature request. I would like to have a single "Select all" button at the top of the Skip column. As it is, if my database has lots of tables and I only want to import one or a few, I have to select each of the other tables one at a time.

Neo4j ETL Tool 1.4.2
Neo4j Desktop 1.2.3 on MacBookPro