Older database download link

Hi, my client ran into some issues in a disconnected environment due to apoc compatibility with the desktop version 1.4.7 and database 4.3.1. Having tested apoc and database 4.2.5 with the desktop, they may have to change to this configuration but unable to find a site to download the database version(s) that are older to try out. Please help with options. Thanks in advance.


Neo4j versions:

and if you open the versions.json you will see data similar to

    "4.3.2": {
      "dist": {
        "mac": "https://dist.neo4j.org/neo4j-enterprise-4.3.2-unix.tar.gz",
        "win": "https://dist.neo4j.org/neo4j-enterprise-4.3.2-windows.zip",
        "linux": "https://dist.neo4j.org/neo4j-enterprise-4.3.2-unix.tar.gz"

and so if u need a prior version, replace 4.3.2 in the urls above and you should be able to get said versions

Hi Dana, thanks for the response. It seems like this is a compressed file (e.g., 4.2.5) of all the folders including bin, config, import, plugins, etc.

"4.2.5": {
  "dist": {
    "mac": "https://dist.neo4j.org/neo4j-enterprise-4.2.5-unix.tar.gz",
    "win": "https://dist.neo4j.org/neo4j-enterprise-4.2.5-windows.zip",
    "linux": "https://dist.neo4j.org/neo4j-enterprise-4.2.5-unix.tar.gz"

As this is on a disconnected network, can this be unzipped and replace (copy/paste) the default folder structure of 4.3.1 by folder structure of 4.2.5? Does this need to be done each time a new local database is created within the Desktop console, or is the another way to change the default to 4.2.5 from the drop down list?

Thanks again.

Just to clarifying further:

  • Client wants to use Desktop 1.4.7, database 4.2.5, with compatible apoc believe in a disconnected environment. The current installation has database 4.3.1 and need to change the configuration to use database 4.2.5 instead.
  • How to change the database using the .zip or .gz download for each time a new local database is created? Is this a manual process to copy and replace the folder structure with the .zip/.gz contents each time creating a local database? Or, is there a way to replace 4.3.1 default to 4.2.5 database so no manual copy/replace is involved?
    Thanks again.

Hi @newkid ,

It is possible to manually install Neo4j DBMS versions into the Neo4j Desktop installation, which will then be recognized and available in the drop-down menu when creating new databases.

  1. find the distributions directory within the Neo4j Desktop application installation. This has subdirectories for java, neo4j and graphApps.
  2. move the neo4j dbms .zip into the distributions/neo4j directory
  3. restart Neo4j Desktop. The version should now appear in the dropdown when creating new databases

But first, the easiest way to find that distributions directory is to:

  1. Within Neo4j Desktop, look for the ... menu on any DBMS
  2. Open the ... menu, select "Open folder" then DBMS
  3. Two levels up from that directory, you'll find the Neo4j Desktop application installation area
  4. Under that, you'll find the distributions folder. Now follow the steps above.

Not an easy process at the moment, but possible to achieve. Having written it down, it now looks very scriptable from the outside, including the download. Who's up for some Powershell scripting? :)

Let me know if that works out for you.


For reference: Troubleshooting guide - Neo4j Desktop

Hi Andreas, thanks for the suggestions. While this may take another week or so for the client to get the environment changes made and test the configuration, I have tested a similar scenario with your suggestions and was able to get this to work in a connected environment. Along with other database versions that I could download in the drop-down list, I was able to see another one that I copied into the distributions folder. Hopefully, this solves the problem but may not know for another week or so. If anything changes or have problems, I will post again.

Thanks again for all the help Andreas and Dana.

Hello again, the individual database download and place in the distribution folder option did not get approved in the client environment.

One alternative may be to find the older Desktop version that came with the default database 4.2.5 and find the compatible apoc version. Please let me know how to get the working configuration.

Another alternative may be to get the latest Desktop version (seems it is 1.4.8) with the database that comes default with that (do we know the default database version for the latest Desktop version?). Find the APOC version that works with this configuration, test all and then have the client use this configuration.

Thanks again.


The default version used by Neo4j Desktop when creating new databases is the most recent version of Neo4j DBMS which has been downloaded.

It's unfortunate that there doesn't seem to be a way to pre-download or pre-bundle APOC. That will still be a manual process.


Hi ABK, your response seems to be in line with my second alternative to get the latest 1.4.8 version of Desktop and whatever version of database comes with that (doesn't seem like there is a way to know what version comes along as default). Then download the latest apoc version and try out.

I have not found a way to find an older Desktop version that came with database 4.2.5 as default.

Thanks, I will try out.