Offline and data sync (AWS AppSync / Cloud Firestore equivalent) for Aura?

Is there any solution for offline support and syncing data across devices when using Aura? I'm building a Flutter app, and I'd really love to use Neo4j and the GRANDstack due to the graphical nature of my data and the awesomeness of GQL + Neo4j.

Thank you!

Hey Granmoe, welcome to the community. I use the GRANDstack quite a bit myself and think the easiest answer you're going to find is trying to make use of service workers and then possibly something like reddis, etc. further up the chain depending upon how complicated an application you're building.


Thanks for the reply!

Can you point to any examples by chance that could give me an idea of what this might look like and how it would work?

I'd like to synchronize data for one user as they edit a document on different devices, assuming those devices can go offline and back online arbitrarily. So I need some kind of merge strategy and a mechanism for executing it.

I don't really have any experience with flutter, so it's hard to give advice, you can find a lot of information about service workers and making offline first applications like PWA's etc. I would start there, sorry I can't be more specific.

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