Number of Indound relationships for a node?


If the above is depreciated so what's the best Cypher way in 4.4.4 to know the number of inbound or outbound relationships for a node?

How would you use count() to count the number of inbound relationships for a given node instead of counting the number of nodes itself which is I think two completly different things.

Counter the number of relationships for a node seems to be way faster to me than traversing the nodes connected then count them.

Where did you see that feature was deprecated in 4.4.4? I look at the list of deprecated features for 4.4.4 and did not see it. It is also listed on the latest cypher reference card.

It looks like the future syntax will be something like this:

RETURN size([(a)-->(b) | 1]) AS years


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The neo4j desktop shows up a warning when you use size with a pattern.

yeah, I see that now. Your question is good. It was very logical and compact notation. You can use the pattern comprehension, as noted by @bennu_neo, or a subquery (which is very verbose), or an optional match, as below. Each of these solutions seems a little convoluted compared to size(pattern).

optional match (n)-->(r)
return n, count(r) as outCount

Any other ideas?

OPTIONAL MATCH doesn't count the number of in and/or out relationships from a node, it actually traverse each node connected to it and generate rows per connected node which is way slower than size().

I think Neo4j should reconsider using size for pattern as it's the most straighforward way to count the number of in or out relation's type.

I agree..It is very intuitive, straightforward, and direct. The other methods proposed seem like workarounds and indirectly figure it out.