Nothing happens when creating full text index

I am having a bit of trouble with the full text index
I got nodes with the label SRA, and they contain properties including eg. library_name and dev_stage
I tried to call below

CALL db.index.fulltext.createNodeIndex("SRA_fulltext",["SRA"],["library_name","dev_stage"])

the result is

(no changes, no records)

And no results when I query it.

Any suggestions of what I can try?
Im Running Enterprise 3.5.7


So I think the first (no changes, no records) is expected, if confusing. If you run this query you'll be able to see all the indexes on your database:

CALL db.indexes()

So e.g. having applied the index you shared, my db shows this:

│"description"                               │"indexName"      │"tokenNames"  │"properties"                │"state" │"type"                │"progress"│"provider"                            │"id"│"failureMessage"│
│"INDEX ON NODE:SRA(library_name, dev_stage)"│"SRA_fulltext"   │["SRA"]       │["library_name","dev_stage"]│"ONLINE"│"node_fulltext"       │100.0     │{"version":"1.0","key":"fulltext"}    │40  │""              │

And then to query it you could do this:

CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes("SRA_fulltext", "Foo*")

Replace 'Foo' with a value that you know exists for at least one node on one of those properties.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Mark

Thank you. I thought I would get a message that it was created like with a normal index, and I had not thought about how long time it would take to create it compared to a normal index so when I queried it nothing came out. Patience worked its magic, thanks.