Not getting how to create a new type in GraphQL

In the course Building GraphQL APIs using The Neo4j GraphQL library, in The exercises for adding a type of author and subject I am not getting.

I am executing the type command in the play ground window. As well, i added the line to the schema.graphql file. I am getting an error in the play ground window. I don't understand how the schema.graph

ql file is suppose to work. Attach is a screen shot. Thanks for your help!

In the codesandbox you don't execute the typesdefinitions but queries.


query {
  authors() { 
     books {

Good morning Michael!

Thanks for your quick answer and clarification. Much appreciated!

I am getting a 502 gateway error after restarting the Neo4j sandbox and codesandbox. I entered a separate topic on it.

Thank you for this great support and community.