Non-exist relationships displayed in Neo4j (Linux and 3.5version)

HI i am using a aws ec2 to run a neo4j server. Before that I test in my local machine (Mac OS). everything works fine. But when I uploaded the same graph.db to ec2 and call db.schema(), there are some non-exists relationships. I acknowledge these relationships exist in my old graph.db. but I already deleted the whole graph.db file before load again. So I am wondering there are may be cached by neo4j? I run some queries for the relationships, there are do have some nodes show up. How can I fix this?

The Neo4j server does cache every property and relationship that has ever existed.

Unfortunately, there is not a clean way to refresh this cache, except to copy the entire dataset into a new db instance.

Neo4j 3.x: GitHub - jexp/store-utils: Utilities to compact, copy, fix, analyse Neo4j stores
Neo4j 4.x: Copy a database store - Operations Manual