NODES 2021 - June 17 - Talk submission questions

Hi All!

The NODES 2021 Call for Papers is now open!

If you've got any questions or need some help about submitting your talk, please post it in this thread.



Happy to be part of NODES 2021. When is the last day to submit the paper

@abhilashcb that's amazing! Call for papers closes 5th April

Hi there!

Are "Use Cases" presentations welcomed or shoud they be quite technical?


Hi @ivarea !

We have a preference for more technical content. Use-cases would be welcome if you, for example, describe the reference architecture you used, what tools and methodology were involved, and any learnings/best practices identified.

We'd also love to hear about use-cases for meet ups as well, so please do put in a submission!

I hope that helps!