Node Similarity Algorithm (Jaccard) inconsistent scores

I have the following graph visualization and I don't understand why the scores are not the same.

Let's assume that all 3 nodes (A, B, C) have an outgoing HAS relationship with american and casual ONLY. It makes sense to me that nodes A and B would have a perfect score of 1. However, why is the similarity score from nodes C to B only 0.75?

When I ran the gds.nodeSimilarity algorithm, I made sure to only include the HAS relationship and the two node types in the screenshot (blue and green). I also used a topK: 5 and similarityCutoff: 0.2.

Thank you

Found the issue.
It's because I included the "mutate" step and the mutateProperty value was in the projected graph.

If I skip that step and go straight to Write, then the scores are what I expected.