Node property clean up - mass changing node keys

Greetings all,
Using neo4j and really enjoying its flexibility. I've been using imported data and I'm trying to perform some data clean up and I was looking for a means to mass edit all my property keys on a set of nodes. In my case, I want to make all the keys(n) upper case and replace blanks with "_" regardless of the column name.

The following sets does this but assumes you know the specific name of the key.

MATCH (c:Category)
UNWIND keys = collKeys
SET c.COMPANY = c.Company   
REMOVE c.Company
return c limit 1000

The following builds out a list of current keys and then what I want the labels to be. I'm just not sure how to adjust the SET correctly.
I'm trying to find a way to perform something like the following to UPPER CASE all my keys(c)

//SET c.REPLACE(toUPPER(c.Company)," ", "") = REPLACE(toUPPER(c.Company)," ", "")

MATCH (c:Category)
UNWIND keys(c) as collKeys
WITH collKeys, REPLACE(toUPPER(collKeys)," ", "_") as collUPPERKeys
WHERE collKeys <> 'source'
SET c.collUPPERKeys = REPLACE(toUPPER(c.collKeys)," ", "_")    //<-- this is where I'm struggling as c.collUPPERKeys doesn't make sense
REMOVE c.collKeys
return  c

Is there an apoc function might be able to do this?

I realize best practice would be to do this at import but I don't have access to that code as of yet though I intend to do this prior to moving into the neo4j dbase.

Many thanks in advance

Found apoc functions to do this

First use apoc.create.setProperty()
to add the renamed property

Second, use apoc.create.removeProperties() to remove the prior property name.