No Databases will start after upgrading to Desktop 1.4.15

After upgrading Desktop to 1.4.15, none of my databases will start. I'm using the Linux AppImage.

I get this response with existing databases and new databases (with no plugins, etc).

I downloaded the current development release and get the same message.

The database log contains no entries.

The Desktop log isn't giving much information to trouble shoot, for example opening the Movies DB from a fresh install:

[2022-04-28 16:24:33.651] [info]  Retrieving status for DBMS[database-985f3393-9bf0-4260-bf5c-e0ec4c37a010]
[2022-04-28 16:24:33.829] [info]  Retrieved status for DBMS[database-985f3393-9bf0-4260-bf5c-e0ec4c37a010]: false
[2022-04-28 16:24:33.848] [info]  Checking ports
[2022-04-28 16:24:33.874] [info]  Starting Neo4j
[2022-04-28 16:24:33.874] [info]  Starting DBMS [database-985f3393-9bf0-4260-bf5c-e0ec4c37a010] 'v4.4.5'
[2022-04-28 16:24:34.303] [info]  Retrieved status for DBMS[database-985f3393-9bf0-4260-bf5c-e0ec4c37a010]: false

I didn't see an earlier Desktop 1.4.x version available from the site.

The available Deskstop 1.3.4 initial startup hangs up during the restoring application state step, saying Initialization error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'group' of undefined. I think because it finds the config files but Desktop 1.4.x has project folders (?)

Is there something else I can look for or an alternate download location for a prior 1.4.x?

Hi @usuallycwdillon

You can change the version number and download Neo4j Desktop.
(e.g. 1.4.15 to 1.4.14 or 1.3.4...)

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Thank you, Koji.

I grabbed 1.4.14 and everything works again.

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