Nicolas, building knowledge graphs and writing books

Hi I'm Nicolas, from Lille, France!

I'm a consultant at GraphAware, working with Neo4j for 5 years now.
I'm integrating Neo4j in companies, building (sometimes big!) knowledge graphs and applications around them. I also like to give talks about graphs, do training, organize meetups in Lille, do software analytics with graphs... wow so many things to play with :slight_smile: !

I've been quite busy last year co-writing the book Neo4j - A Graph Project Story with my friends @sylvainroussy, @rouyer.nicolas and Frank Kutzler, telling a story about people doing a real life project with Neo4j, taking it from design to production. I believe it is entertaining and a fun way to lean about Neo4j!

I'm currently building a Neo4j browser guide containing the book material, and spend some spare time on building a food recipe knowledge graph.


Hi Nicolas,
The book looks really interesting. Is it useful for newcomers to Neo4j?

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Hi Benjamin

Yes, definitely, especially if you are looking for data modeling.
We tried to be complementary to what's covered in the manual and tutorials, and through discussions between colleagues who are carrying out a project, present different approaches and implementation options.


Hi Nicolas, I went to buy it today from Amazon, and I noticed that the Kindle format is no longer available?

Hi Benjamin

Unfortunately, the publisher says the e-book format is not available for purchase in the US yet (it will be later this summer).

But you can still get it from any European or Canadian book store like here or here.



Thanks, bought it from the Canadian store as a PDF (much better than Kindle/epub version).