Newcomer from computer graphics

Hello !

I'm a fake developer :) Coming from computer graphics background, I now create tools for CG artists, and right now I'm focusing on production tracking tools.

In CG productions, we do have a lot of data to store, manage and track, all those data being connected to each other, and we love the nodal approach, so Neo4j was the obvious choice when we started to develop our production data tools (just now).

The downside is that I'm not a trainer programmer, I learnt mostly from documentations and tutorial, so my practices and patterns can be quite... voodoo.

So far, I'm loving Neo4j but I'm already frustrated because I know for sure that I'm not using it well, but it'll come.

I've been programming professionally on python for two years, but this is my first time diving into the database world, and I'm learning how to build database-connected GUI apps at the same time, so it gets a bit confusing.

See you around