Newbie from Charlotte NC

This is my second attempt to learn about graph databases and Neo4j. When I first learned of Neo4j five years go, it reminded me of:

I was intrigued by the ability to define nodes & relationships and it reminded me of the metadata model we used in my first development job writing RDBMS "scanners" for a data warehouse product.

This time, I have two use cases in mind for experimental learning: a graph of Cucumber Gherkin feature/file content and a representation of process & procedure documentation.

I also recommend the Graphistania podcast, where I was inspired to join this community.

Thanks, Mike


@kyle1, you have someone in Charlotte who is interested in meeting people in his area that are graph people! :)

@rvanbruggen look! He's influenced by your podcast!

SO COOL! Love it! Great way to start the weekend!

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Hi @mshhjell - I am also in Charlotte and started a CLT GraphDB meetup... hopefully meet you at an upcoming one!

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Thanks, Kyle. I joined the group and look forward to attending the next meetup. Based on the location of the Feb event, are you at BAC? I am the only Hjellming there.

I am actually at GraphAware (

Even better. I need to get out more!

I will enjoy meeting you & others at GraphAware. Based on quick browsing of some of the blog posts, I wonder if one of my scenarios for Neo4j & ML/AI would fit in Knowledge Graph capabilities.