New to the Community

Hi, I am Paul Fleischer-Djoleto from Ghana, West Africa. I am a full stack developer, Certified Information Systems Security Professional(MERN) also re-learning COBOL. I heard of graph databases, precisely Noe4j from this book;"Designing Data-Intensive Applications". I have used MSSql for 19 years. I have also used MongoDB for 4 years now. I am now happy that I am adding a graph database and a graph query language to my tool belt.

Hello Djisu, welcome in the community! Like me, I'm excited to add the knowledge of graph database

Thanks Fernando for welcoming me to the community. I started installing the Neo4j desktop. I had this error: "Conflicts occurred
Database Graph Database can not be started due to conflicts with external processes.

To fix this problem, let us change these port configurations:
bolt: 7687 → 11007
http: 7474 → 11008"

Kindly help me to fix this error if you can. I will be grateful if my request is granted. Thanks.