New to Data Analysis and Data Management From Idaho

I'm about 2 going 3 years into really studying data management and trying to help my company do things more with the current century. I was looking for ways to pull multiple data sources together and have more interconnected data as our company operates very much in silos. In searching I came across Neo4j. It's been slow learning how to do this while maintaining in my position, I have limited help currently within my program so I'm working on a grass roots effort to prove this can help us.

I'm also new to Neo4j Melissa, so I can feel your pain on the learning curve. Hang in there! I spent the last 24 years in executive leadership roles before starting my own data and analytics firm in April (great timing, right?). You are definitely on the right track.

My suggestion is to pick a high-value use case as a POC, and then show how connecting your data with Neo4j graph can provide new insights, improve efficiency, or create a better customer experience for your organization.

It might help to think of areas where your organization wants to improve, and how a lack of coordination or sharing of information contributes to the problem areas. Are there instances where different parts of your organization "aren't on the same page."? Can providing a connected, unified view of your data to the stakeholders help to eliminate the issue? Food for thought. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

Jeff Norton
Emylla LLC