NEuler UI difference

Hi @mark.needham,

I'm having problems getting NEuler to work.

I noticed the UI of NEuler I am using is different with the one in the sample video of Graph Academy (Louvain in NEuler - YouTube).


I have updated everything I can on Neo4j Browser.
(my current setting NEuler 0.1.52 GDSL 1.6.1 Neo4j Server 4.3.1)

Can anyone tell me why?


Hey @jin_what ,

NEUler was updated since the graph academy course was made. It was actually Mark who did the upgrade. The old version uses the neovis.js, but the new version react-force-graph I think.

Code to the new visualizer: neuler/NewGraphVisualiser.js at master · neo4j-devtools/neuler · GitHub

Let us know if you find any problems with the new visualization besides different styling.


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Hey @bratanic.tomaz,

Okay, so what should I do with this code?
I don't know how to apply this code to my NEuler.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just showed the code for reference. You don't have to do anything with it :)

Just know that some of the graph academy videos show the older versions of NEuler. It is nothing wrong with your newer visualizations.

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Oh okay I see so I am actually using the newer version.
Thanks a lot :smile: