Neueda JetBrains Graph Database Support Plugin for IntelliJ- how do I get it to work

I've been trying to use the Neueda JetBrains Graph Database Support Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA but can't figure out how to get it work for Cypher coding. IntelliJ looked for support material from Neuda and couldn't find any so said to wait for Neueda to publish some. Neuda contact details don't work. So if anybody has got it working (and finds it useful) I'd be grateful for advice. Thanks.

Hi @mrjohnbarber

I use it a lot in my Cypher reformatting code :slight_smile:

First, create a file like "sample.cypher" (extension .cyoher / .cyp / .cpl).
Then, write upper and lower case letters and indent appropriately.

This is what it looks like when you reformat it.

This plugin is compatible with 3.x, but it does not support the Cypher extended in Neo4j 4.x.
I hope that a new version will be released.

Hi Koji
Thank you for taking your time to help me. That works for me. Could I ask if you are able to run your cypher code in IntelliJ also? I'd seen the Graph Databases support link before - they have an image (copy below) showing their code with a graph in the "graph database console". I've used a simple demo code but just get the code and nothing in the console (copy below) . I've tried ro "run" the code but it asks for configuration and I don't know how to set this, or if it's the right thing to do. I'm pleased I can use the IDE for coding and an answer to this second question is a bonus.

Hi @mrjohnbarber

The Graph Database Support documentation link is 404.
This is a problem.

You can access your database...

  1. Click on the ”Graph Database” tab on the right side of the screen.
  2. Enter the User, Pass, etc
  3. Select your database when you run Cypher.

I tested IntteliJ IDEA CE 2020.2.3 and 2019.3.5.

This is the screen shot.

Hi Koji
Thanks for your second help. I've got it working now, so I can start using it for my proper work!
Maybe you should offer to write the "getting started" guide for Neueda:-)
Thanks again for your help

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Hi @mrjohnbarber

You're welcome.
I like the JetBrains IDEs and hope that "Graph Database Support" will be available in Neo4j 4.x soon.