Neosemantics: Properties on edges, custom keys and custom namespaces


In my project I loaded a dataset into Neo4j, created an RDF ontology, added as namespace and did some matching with it. The dataset includes properties on the relationships (edges) which I would like to have in responses of the RDF-XML or JSON endpoints of Neosemantics.

Here’s a snippet of such a response:

@prefix neoind: <neo4j://individuals#> .
@prefix neovoc: <neo4j://vocabulary#> .
@prefix schema: <> .

neoind:6111 a <schema:Product>;
schema:additionalProperty neoind:16691, neoind:16697;
schema:isSimilarTo neoind:123;
schema:name "A ProductName";
schema:sku "";
neovoc:PART_OF neoind:17040.

After reading about RDF* (here) I think that this is what’s required to get the above requirement working in Neosemantics. Is that correct or is there any other solution available? When does Neo4j plan to support RDF* in Neosemantics?

The snippet above could then look like the below:

<<schema:additionalProperty neoind:16691>> schema:Value 4.2;
<<schema:additionalProperty neoind:16697>> schema:Value 42;

Also, I’d like to see custom keys (indexed with uniqueness constraint) for certain nodes instead of the default key of Neo4j. Custom namespaces to replace the default neovoc and neoind would be a great addition, too. Is this configurable or a feature request for Neo4j?

The snippet above could then look like the below:

schema:isSimilarTo myproducts:555.666.77.8;
myvoc:PART_OF myproducts:17040.

Thanks a lot for your help.