Neosemantics procedures

I have the latest version of Neo4j browser and I created a graph with APOC and neosemantics installed. However when I run CALL dbms.procedures() there seems to be at least two missing procedures : n10s.mapping.addMappingToSchema() and n10s.mapping.addSchema() are not on my list (too bad, I wanted to use them, reproducing what's done in QuickGraph #6: COVID-19 Taxonomy Graph | Mark Needham). Have they been deprecated and should I use other procedures instead, or am I doing something wrong ?
Thanks !

It looks deprecated indeed. CALL n10s.nsprefixes.add('wdt', '') and
CALL n10s.mapping.add('ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code - Wikidata', 'HOST') seem to be the new syntax.

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Hi @ameligh
That's correct. We thought that it would make sense to unify the old n10s.mapping.addSchema() with the n10s.nsprefixes.add() as they serve identical purposes. Glad you managed to find the answer to your question.
It is inevitable to find here and there blog posts and code samples with older versions of the syntax but I'd recommend using the manual as the ultimate source of truth. Please do let us know if you find any inaccuracy and enjoy using n10s.