Neosemantics on Aura?

Does Aura support neosemantics? Is it already installed or something we need to install on a database by database basis as with the desktop version?

Hi David,

With the exception of some APOC functions, plugins are not supported on Aura.


Thanks, might have to wean myself off of RDF then!

What is it you're trying to do? Maybe we can come up with some alternate possibilities.

Feel free to open a ticket in our Support portal if you want to keep the details private.


Virtual personas and modelling human memory - but early stages! See David Burden: Developing Conversational AI solutions for the MoD | CogX 2019 - YouTube

Happy to just play around for now.

@cory.waddingham Will plugins become generally available in Aura or will it remain a limited service for the foreseeable?