Neosemantics failed to import owl

when I import the ontology file an error message appears
Error Running Query

Failed to invoke procedure Caused by: n10s.RDFImportException: unqualified attribute 'lang' not allowed [line 8, column 18]

ontologi from : KMS-Tumbuhan-Obat/ontologi_obat.owl at main · syukriyansyah-ipb/KMS-Tumbuhan-Obat · GitHub

CALL n10s.onto.import.fetch(
'KMS-Tumbuhan-Obat/ontologi_obat.owl at main · syukriyansyah-ipb/KMS-Tumbuhan-Obat · GitHub',

Hello @2020syukriyansyah ,

Have you resolved this issue? I'm not familiar with n10s but the error message looks like an indication that your source has unexpected attributes.


hello Andreas, I have to convert the .owl file which is RDF / XML format to TURTLE format and everything works fine

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